Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Year Old!


You are ONE YEAR OLD!!

This is a milestone that your father and I are so thankful to God for reaching. I still remember the day you were born. You came into this world on May 23rd, 2014, at 7:53PM. You were 6 pounds, 9 ounces. You were 21 inches long.

We had a party for you today. We got a chocolate sheet cake with trucks for the guests, and a strawberry shortcake for you. We had Sam and Sara from across the street, Abby, Jenine and Abdallah, TJ and Jason, and Radwan. Inshirah, Samah and Hattan, Kristy, Chantal, Sarah, Arwa and Shumon, Karen, Ghada and Samir, Zahra and Zein, Fatima, Kaliegh, Nancy, Lynne, Rachel, Alana and Fraser were here as well. They spoiled you rotten, mashallah!

I think you had fun. It was a lot of people, that we don't usually have at the house, but you seemed to be taking everything in with a stride. You were crawling around and greeting everyone.

I love you so much, my handsome one year old! You are the greatest gift we could have received.

I will continue to strive to deserve you. Mama is having a hard time now. But I am working on making things easier on myself and on you. Inshallah I will succeed.

Happy birthday to the best boy ever. Mama loves you so very much.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Side Note...


If you learn one thing from me, I hope it would be to not live with debt. It might not seem like a, but it really is. Debt affects how you view yourself, friends, social situations.

I am referring to the monitary debt now.

I would love for you to work hard for what you have. That would be the only way you can put your head on your pillow at night, and actually find peace and comfort. Knowing that you have done everything you could that day and that you worked your hardest, would not only put you to sleep out of tiredness, but also out of peace of mind. Peace of mind is one of those things that everyone is looking for and trying to achieve in their lives. And to me, honest living and being true to God, are the way to achieve it.

Life these days is hard without owning a credit card. This card is essential to BUILD credit. It is not your ticket to buying everything you could ever want. It is your way of eventually owning a home and/or a car. Do not fall for the credit company's traps with the minimum payment options. That is their way of getting you hooked. Once you miss a payment, it is extremely hard to catch up. Please listen to me now before you do what I and your dad and everyone else we know have done. And we all have bad credit to show for it 😠

If you buy something on a credit card, make sure you have the cash to buy said thing, so that the credit card is used to record your purchase for the credit bureau. And then use the cash you have to pay off the amount you just charged on your credit card right away. Please please please, learn from my mistakes.

Now with regards to spiritual debt.

We are all created by God, and given all the blessings that we have in our lives. All that is asked of us in return is to make sure we at least follow the five pillars in our lives. We need to keep the belief that there is no God but the One, and that Muhammad PBUH is his messenger, and that Jesus PBUH, Moses PBUH and all the prophets that came before Muhammad PBUH are messengers from God, delivering the same message.
We need to pray five times a day. We need to pay Zakaat, the yearly payment made to charity. We need to fast Ramadan. And we need to perform Hajj or the Greater Pilgrimage. Now I was not blessed to be able to perform the "mini" pilgrimage, or Umra, with my parents, a few times.
All of those are very simple and easy requirements to keep up with, as long as a habit to perform them is maintained. And it is essential that they are not done, just to be done. Remind yourself, the blessings that you have, your health, your happiness, your path, are all from God. He loves you so much and wants to see you in paradise, eternally happy.

Do not owe yourself anything in this department. Time, once passed, is passed forever. We do not get a second chance when it comes to that. This does not mean to always tread lightly or to be terrified of committing to something or a decision. It just simply means that our time on this earth should be used mindfully. So be mindful of your actions and words. Any action causes a reaction, whether from a friend, a family member, a stranger, or from another living entity as well as the environment we live in. Be mindful of yourself and of your surroundings.

This is heavy, I know. But now is as good a time as any to make sure that you learn important life lessons, at a young age.

I love you.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mama's First Mother's Day

Dearest Jude,

You have made a mama out of me!

I never thought this day would come. I thought that I will never be blessed with this gift. But, God's will is above all.

We went to your grammie's and stayed there for supper. It was fun, as we haven't seen her in a while. You had lots of fun exploring her place and trying to figure Holly the cat out. She scared you a bit but we got over it pretty quickly :)
You and baba got me some yummy chocolates and cards. It was so sweet.

Might as well do a quick update, since you will be ONE YEAR OLD the next time an update is uploaded inshallah. I still can not believe that you will be a year old. I have had the most beautiful son in my life for a year already. It feels like it passed in a blink of an eye, subhanallah.

You are a little under the weather right now. We got a little worried because I felt like your appetite was suffering. You are only stuffed up with a runny nose. I weighed you at Dr. White's office and it came up to 19.5 pounds. P.S. you are healthy alhamdellah, and are getting your appetite back.

You no longer are interested in breastfeeding. You don't even have any interest in it for comfort, like you have been the last little while. So I am officially done breastfeeding you. I would estimate that you stopped at around 11 months. You are more interested in chunky foods than you are in purees. You have 8 teeth after all! I think you are working on some more teeth at the moment.

I still can not believe that you will be a year old inshallah. We have some people scheduled to come over and have a little birthday party for you. Inshallah this year, your birthday lands on a Saturday, that your dad has off. So we are getting you some birthday cake and some decorations. You are my best friend and my companion while baba is working, after all. So I think you earned it, being stuck with me and all.

You really are special mashallah. I love you with all my heart my darling boy.

Thank you for having me as your mama.